November Selects from Ogi Eyewear

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Ogi Eyewear welcomes brand new additions to both the Red Rose and Seraphin family with exclusive frames made for a fashion forward state of mind.

Cahill – Seraphin

Modell Cashill 8166
© Ogi Eyewear

Dainty or dark, you decide the story with the Cahill. Sharply crafted for a crisp look, neoclassic design finds a home here with boldly contrasting accent colors. This practice breathes life into the Cahill, almost as if completely alive.

Wellsley – Seraphin

Modell Wellsley 82702
© Ogi Eyewear

With smoky acetate interworkings throughout, the Wellsley is a spectacle of intrigue. Upon closer inspection, delightful details come to light, like the double cast bookend hinge with accented adornments. Available in a set of matured color tones, the Wellsley sparks so much more than conversation.

Tivoli – Red Rose

Modell Tivoli 6014
© Ogi Eyewear

The Tivoli is a classic concept born again. Brought to life by immaculate stainless steel, this P3 style captures simplistic beauty from all angles. Ultra lightweight and built to last, the Tivoli takes a page from a timeless book, holding an aura of sophistication throughout.

Viterbo – Red Rose

Modell Viterbo 6338
© Ogi Eyewear

A nod to the debonair and any who choose the Viterbo, this finely tuned brother of the Tivoli breathes individuality. The inner nylon detailing brings attention to the subtle P3 shape. The accented temple tips truly personalize the Viterbo and complete this fully cohesive style.